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Download Free Nikon User Manual. This manual was written to help you enjoy shooting with your Nikon digital camera. Read this manual thoroughly before use, and keep it where all those who use the product will read it

Table contents of Nikon D60 User Manual

  • Introductions
    About this manual ~ Information and precautions ~ Getting to know the camera ~ Camera body ~ The mode dial ~ The power switch ~ The viewfinder display ~ The shooting information display ~ The command dial ~ Multi selector ~ The shutter release button ~ help button ~ The camera strap AN-DC1
  • First Steps
    Charging and inserting the battery ~ The quick charger MH-23 ~ The rechargeable li-ion battery EN-EL9 ~ Attachhing a lens ~ Detaching lenses ~ Vibration reduction mode (VR) ~ Setting display language, date and time ~ Reset the clock ~ Inserting memory cards ~ Formating memory cards ~ Adjusting viewfinder focus (diopter adjustment)
  • Basic Photography
    Point and shoot photography (auto mode) ~ Shooting particular scenes
  • P,S,A, and M Modes
  • Changing Shooting Setting
    The quick settings display ~ Image quality and size ~ White balance ~ ISO sensitivity ~ Releasing the shutter ~ Focus ~ Exposure ~ Using the built in flash ~ Exposure compensation ~ Flash compensation ~ Active D-lighting ~ Two button reset
  • More On Playback
    Viewing photgraphs in full frame playback ~ Viewing multiple photographs thumbnail playback ~ Taking a closer look playback zoom ~ Protecting photographs from deletion
  • Connecting To a Computer, Printer or TV
    Before connecting the USB cable ~ Printing via direct USB connection ~ Printing photographs one at a time ~ Printing multiple photgraphs ~ Creating an index print ~ Creating a DPOF print order print set ~ Viewing photographs on TV
  • Menu Guide
    Using camera menus ~ Playback option ~ Shooting options ~ Custom settings
  • Optional Accessories
    Compatible lenses ~ Optional flash units (speedlights) ~ Other accessories ~ Connecting the power connector and the AC adapter ~ Approved memory cards
  • Maximizing The Life Of The Camera
    Caring for the camera ~ Storage ~ Cleaning ~ Caring for the optical low pass filter ~ Caring for the camera and battery
  • Technical Notes
  • Troubleshooting
    Display Troubleshooting ~ Shooting Troubleshooting ~ Playback Troubleshooting ~ Others Troubleshooting ~ Camera error messages and displays ~ Appendix ~ Available settings and defaults ~ Memory card capacity and image quality/size ~ Exposure program ~ Flash control ~ Shutter speeds available with the built in flash ~ Apenrture, sensitivity and flash range


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