Saturday, 1 August 2009


Download Free Yamaha 01X Mixer Installation Guide pdf. You can start the Studio Manager for 01X or Multi Part Editor software as either a stand-alone software or a plug-in application in an Open Plug-in Technology compatible application.

Open Plug-in Technology (OPT) is a newly developed software format that allows control over MIDI devices from a music software sequencer. For example, this allows you to start up and operate various parts of your music system, such as Plug-in Board editors, and mixing control editors – directly from an OPT-compatible sequencer, without having to use each separately. This also makes it unnecessary to set MIDI drivers for each application, streamlining your music production system and making all operations more convenient and seamless.

Table of contents Yamaha 01X Mixer Installation Guide Manual
  • Important Notices about the CD-ROM
    Data Types ~ Operating System (OS) ~ CD-ROM Installation Procedure
  • For Windows Users
    CD-ROM Contents ~ About Open Plug-in Technology ~ System Requirements for 01X/Software ~ Software Installation ~ MIDI port setting (when starting the software as a stand-alone application)
  • For Macintosh Users
    CD-ROM Contents ~ System Requirements for 01X/Software ~ Software Installation
  • Demo playback/Remote Control Setup
    SQ01 ~ Cubase SX/SL ~ Logic ~ Digital Performer ~ SONAR
  • Display Messages
  • Troubleshooting


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