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Download Free Yamaha 01V96 Mixer Owner's Manual pdf. This Owner’s Manual explains how to operate the 01V96 Digital Mixing Console. The Table of Contents can help you to familiarize yourself with the manual’s organization and to locate tasks and topics. The index can help you locate specific information. Before diving in, it’s recommend that you read the “Operating Basics” chapter, starting on page 27.

Each chapter in this manual discusses a specific section or function of the 01V96. The Input and Output Channels are explained in the following chapters: “Input Channels,” “Bus Outs,” and “Aux Outs.” Where possible, these chapters have been organized in order of signal flow, from input to output.

Table of contents Yamaha 01V96 Mixer Owner's Manual
  • Welcome
  • Control Surface & Rear Panel
    Control Surface ~ Rear Panel ~ Installing an Optional Card
  • Operating Basics
    About the Display ~ Selecting Display Pages ~ Display Interface ~ Selecting Layers ~ Selecting Channels ~ Selecting Fader Modes ~ Metering
  • Connections and Setup
    Connections ~ Wordclock Connections and Settings ~ Input and Output Patching
  • Tutorial
    Connections and Setup ~ Initial Track Recording ~ Overdubbing to Other Tracks ~ Mixing Recorded Tracks into Stereo (Mixdown)
  • Analog I/O & Digital I/O
    Analog Inputs & Outputs ~ Digital Inputs & Outputs ~ Converting Sampling Rates of Signals Received at I/O Card Inputs ~ Monitoring Digital Input Channel Status ~ Dithering Digital Outputs ~ Setting the Transfer Format for Higher Sampling Rates
  • Input Channels
    About Input Channels ~ Setting the Input Channels from the Display ~ Setting the Input Channels from the Control Surface ~ Pairing Input Channels ~ Naming Input Channels
  • Bus Outs
    About Stereo Out ~ Bus Out 1–8 ~ Setting the Stereo Out and Bus Out 1–8 from the Display ~ Setting the Stereo Out and Bus Out 1–8 from the Control Surface ~ Pairing Buses or Aux Sends ~ Attenuating Output Signals ~ Naming the Stereo Out and Bus Outs
  • Aux Outs
    Aux Out 1–8 ~ Setting Aux Out 1–8 from the Display ~ Viewing Aux Out settings ~ Setting Aux Out 1–8 from the Control Surface ~ Setting Aux Send Levels ~ Viewing Aux Send Settings for Multiple Channels ~ Panning Aux Sends ~ Copying Channel Fader Positions to Aux Sends
  • Input & Output Patching
    Input Patching ~ Output Patching ~ Patching Direct Outs ~ Insert Patching
  • Monitoring
    Monitor ~ Monitor and Solo Setup ~ Using the Monitor ~ Using the Solo Function
  • Surround Pan
    Using Surround Pan ~ Setting Up and Selecting Surround Pan Modes ~ Surround Panning
  • Grouping Channels & Linking Parameters
    Grouping & Linking ~ Using Fader Groups and Mute Groups ~ Linking EQ and Compressor Parameters
  • Internal Effects
    About the Internal Effects ~ Using Effects Processors via Aux Sends ~ Inserting the Internal Effects into Channels ~ Editing Effects ~ About Plug-Ins
  • Scene Memories
    About Scene Memories ~ What is Stored in a Scene? ~ About Scene Numbers ~ Storing & Recalling Scenes ~ Auto Scene Memory Update ~ Fading Scenes ~ Recalling Scenes Safely ~ Sorting Scenes
  • Libraries
    About the Libraries ~ General Library Operation ~ Using Libraries
  • Remote Control
    About Remote Function ~ Pro Tools Remote Layer ~ Nuendo Remote Layer ~ Other DAW Remote Layers ~ MIDI Remote Layer ~ Machine Control Function
  • MIDI
    MIDI & the 01V96 ~ MIDI Port Setup ~ Assigning Scenes to Program Changes for Remote Recall ~ Assigning Parameters to Control Changes for Real-time Control ~ Controlling Parameters by Using Parameter Changes ~ Transmitting Parameter Settings via MIDI (Bulk Dump)
  • Other Functions
    Changing the Input and Output Channel Names ~ Setting Preferences ~ Creating a Custom Layer by Combining Channels (User Assignable Layer) ~ Using the Oscillator ~ Using the User Defined Keys ~ Using Operation Lock ~ Initializing the 01V96 ~ Calibrating the Faders
  • Appendix A: Parameter Lists
    USER DEFINED KEYS ~ USER DEFINED KEYS Initial Assignments ~ Input Patch Parameters ~ Initial Input Patch Settings ~ Output Patch Parameters ~ Initial Output Patch Settings ~ User Defined Remote Layer Initial Bank Settings ~ Effects Parameters ~ Preset EQ Parameters ~ Preset Gate Parameters (fs = 44.1 kHz) ~ Preset Compressor Parameters (fs = 44.1 kHz)
  • Appendix B: Specifications
    General Spec ~ Libraries ~ Analog Input Spec ~ Analog Output Specs ~ Digital Input Spec ~ Digital Output Spec ~ I/O SLOT Spec ~ CONTROL I/O Spec ~ Dimensions
  • Appendix C: MIDI
    Scene Memory to Program Change Table ~ Initial Parameter to Control Change Table ~ MIDI Data Format
  • Appendix D: Options
  • Index


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